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Monday, June 15, 2009

Prayer Journal Entry #45: Increase my faith...

Dear God, (January 27th, 2009)
Though I often feel like I am alone in wanting to truly live for You and caring about Your kingdom, last night I went to Missions Encounter and found that there are like-minded people at Calvary. It was so encouraging to sit there and talk about God and to pray for each other and for Your work around the world. Just seeing others’ love for You and concern for Kingdom things encouraged me to keep going and to keep seeking to more like You. Thank You for that encouragement.
Lord, increase my faith. Help me to truly believe that You can do great things around the world, right here in my home and church, and in and through me. Help me to not rely on my own strength, but to completely rest on You for the strength to keep going and to keep serving You. Like Mary, I want to be at Your feet, taking in Your every word.
Continue to give me boldness to live for You unapologetically. Help me to not be afraid of what others will think of me, but to only care about Your opinion of me, for that’s what truly matters. Help me to not get discouraged by my pain. Help me to keep going. Whatever lies ahead (with this doctor’s appointment and all) I know that YOU ARE GOOD and You do all things well. I rest in You. I love You.
Yours Forever,

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