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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Prayer Journal Entry #44: "Let the chips fall where they may..."

Dear God, (January 27th, 2009)
Yesterday I say just how quickly I can get a bad attitude and how hard it is for me to get rid of it. O Father, I don’t want to keep living in my flesh; I want to live by Your Spirit! I want You to live through me, but I keep getting in the way. Create in me a clean heart, O God, so that the thoughts, attitudes, words and actions coming out are pleasing to You.
I’m afraid I offended someone yesterday by telling them that it bothered me that they don’t show respect to our boss and some of our coworkers. Oh well. Let the chips fall where they may. A few months ago (if this had happened) I would fall all over myself to make sure that they didn’t get offended or anything. But I’ve come to realize that I have to stand for what I believe is right, whether that bothers someone else or not. I answer to God, not to them. Lord, help me to truly and boldly live out what I really believe. Help me to not make excuses for hypocrisy and double standards, whether in my life or someone else’s. Help my words to give grace to the hearer. Help my heart attitude to be pleasing to You—no matter what the circumstances. Give me Your pure, peaceable, gentle, merciful, impartial wisdom. Renew a right spirit in me! I need You! I love You!
Yours Forever,

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