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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Prayer Journal Entry #42: Being Different

Dear God, (January 22nd, 2009)
You know how I really don’t have much to speak of, as far as friends go. There’s not really a human here that I can talk to and say, "I’m really struggling with knowing God’s will for my summer, could you pray?" Or, "I’m scared about going to the doctor..." There is no one who understands this "being different" business. There’s no one else on this "let’s be a God follower instead of a do-good Christian" path. No one who understands why I sleep on the floor, get up early and study Your Word, spend $90 a month mailing Bibles into China, walk 2 miles a day, memorize chapters of the Bible, and try to be faithful in all my tasks and chores. I am very alone, as far as human companionship goes.
But I have You. If I didn’t have You, I would die. I can talk to You anytime, about anything, even if my prayers seem child-like, "God help me! Help me breathe deeply! Help my heart to beat correctly! Help me to get the feeling back in my arms and legs!" I know that You’re there and that You care. Though none go with me, I will still follow You. You will never let me down. You will be with me, no matter what. I trust You and I know that You’re in control of whatever happens in my life. I love You!
Yours Forever,

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Anonymous said...

Here it is my first comment!! :) I just want you to know that I am and have been praying for you for a while. Reading this is very challenging and also at the same time comforting.
And I wanted you to know that you have an listening ear and a caring heart to talk to, lean on, vent to, whatever you need anytime. I am committing (if you want) to be the friend that is sent (by God) to help you through tough times in your life, and will love you no matter what.
Your Sister and fellow servant, In Christ,
A Williamson :)