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Friday, June 5, 2009

Prayer Journal Entry #35: Broken and Contrite

My dearest Abba, (June 7th, 2008)
I’m sorry. I have neglected You, You who are my only Hope, You who are my shelter and refuge...I have left You for foolish, empty pursuits. I have lied, exaggerated, stolen, spoken unkind words, been disrespectful, cheated, and placed other things in my life as more important than You, so that means I have committed idolatry. What I have done is dispicable in Your sight. I am unclean, O Holy Father! I wallow in my filth, unwilling to give up the empty bubbles that I have made my gods. O Abba, forgive me! I know I don’t deserve Your forgiveness, but I beg You for mercy. I am not worthy to receive this gift, but in the power of Your grace, I accept Your free offer of forgiveness.
I am clean! :) It’s all gone! As far as the east is from the west, so far You have removed my terrible, filthy deeds from me. I don’t have to live in bondage anymore! I am free indeed! Help me to walk in the newness of life, Abba. Help me to find all that I need in You, for You are Enough.
Grant me the grace to change now, into the likeness of Jesus Christ, the One who paid the ultimate price to pay for my rebellion against God. I no longer live, but Christ lives in me. Help me to draw ever nearer to You. Help me to seek You with all my heart. Help me to abide in You. I want to love You, Abba. Fill my heart up with Your agapeo love so that I may pour it all out at Your feet as an offering. Help me to walk with You in the here and now, not just dream about serving You someday in the future. Help me know You and love You more and more each day.
Yours Forever,

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