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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Prayer Journal Entry #19: A New Year

Dear God, (January 1st, 2008)
Today marks the start of 2008. A whole year stretches out empty before me. What do You have in store for me? How can I make sure that I don’t waste this year?
My only goal for this year is to become more like You. Actually, that is my entire life’s goal, but it is also my goal for each and every day that I have life on this earth. In order to do that, I must get to know You better each and every day.
You know, I have been struggling lately with trying to figure out what You want me to do with my life, but I have realized an important truth: the better I know You, the better I will know what You want me to do. So, I have dedicated this year to learning to know You better. Every day as I wake, let my prayer be, "I want to know You more today." I want to abide in You, Abba. That’s the only way that I can do Your will; only by abiding in You can I bring forth much fruit. (John 15)
So for now, I will trust You as You guide me in paths I do not know; I will seek You. I will get to know You more as I abide in You and only then will I know what You want me to do.
Oh Father, I do not have the strength for this. I cannot be changed into Your image in my own strength or by my own discipline. I need You. Please carry me, Jesus. Daily change me into Your image. Transform me, Holy Spirit. Fill me, use me, renew my mind. I want to be like You, but I can’t do this by myself. I need You, Abba, as I always have and always will. Oh, how I need You.
Yours Forever,

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