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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Prayer Journal Entry #15: Hurting and Healing

Dear God, (November 20th, 2007)
It’s me again, Your little wounded lamb. I try to hide my hurt from everyone around me; try to bury it underneath piles and piles of schoolwork, but it won’t go away. To be quite honest, I’m not even sure what all is wrong with me. I’m so confused about everything. I know that it’s a sign that something’s wrong, but I don’t know what. You do. And You have it under control. So I have no need to worry or fear.
What do I need to do? I can’t keep up this stressful school schedule (that’s going to end up driving me insane) much longer. It’s wearing me out. I need You to show me what to do. But even more than that, I just need You. Knowing You’re with me is such a comfort. Please help me to always remember that I’m never in this alone.
I have wounds coming to the surface now that have been buried for a long time. I need Your healing touch in my heart, please. Thank You for setting me free from my fear and from my past. Now please give me the courage to open up and share my hurts and give them a chance to heal once and for all. It’s so hard for me to trust anyone, except for You, of course. Please give me courage; hold my hand and lead me through.
I want to dwell in Your shelter, O Most High. Please hold me in Your Everlasting Arms; hide me in the shadow of Your wings. With You on my side, who (or what) could stand against me? I have nothing to fear. Please help me tear down these walls that I’ve built around my soul. I want to be completely free. I need You...but most of all, I love You.
Yours Forever,

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