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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Prayer Journal Entry #12: Silence

Dear God, (July 24th, 2007)
I hear the silence echo in the depths of my soul. Your silence is more than I can take, God. I cry out to You; my heart is desperate for You--and still, no answer. I call, "Where are You?" and all I hear is the echoes in my soul. How long, O Lord? How long must my soul search for You in vain? Will You not answer? Can You not hear me? I need to know You’re here.
I must trust. Somewhere, somehow, You’ll come through for me. You promise to never leave me--You’ve never broken Your promises. So, You’re still here. I can’t feel Your presence, I can’t see Your face, I can’t hear Your voice. But somehow I must trust that You’re here. I do. I believe that You are with me even when I can’t feel Your presence. I believe that this will not last forever. One day, (soon--I hope) You’ll break into the winter of my heart; shine the Sun of Your presence on me and melt the snow and ice of fear, doubt and despair. You will show Your face to me again.
Until then, I will seek. I will search for You in my pain. I will cry out for You, the Living God. I will seek Your face with all my heart. I want to find You, God. Please show me You.
Yours Forever,

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