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Monday, November 24, 2008

Which way is right?

What a world I live in. Here, if you have talent, good looks, a witty tongue, a quick mind or lots of money, you are deemed valuable. We stand and applaud you and try to emulate you, saying that you must really be living your purpose. We think you have it all. Here in this upside-down world, I can be popular with others because of the witty things that I say. I am considered talented because I can play a few chords on an instrument and I can act like someone else on a stage. I could have a future, they say, in drama and/or music. I might be able to become a doctor. I could succeed at most anything that I put my mind to, or so I’m told. I have what it takes, according to them.
But what if their world isn’t reality? Sure, it may seem "smart". But what if there’s more to life than following your dreams, having fun and living for yourself? What if the best choice is not the "smart" choice? Is it possible to leave the "smart" world behind and tread an almost forgotten path full of hardship and trials? Is it possible that being "smart" and carrying yourself through life with your talents and brains is not the best choice? That maybe jumping into the deep end and relying on God’s grace to get you through is really the way to go? That in leaving it all behind, you will find more than enough? That when you die to yourself, to your dreams, to your hopes and plans, to your reputation, to your gifts, to your possessions, to your family and friends, to your comfort zone and to your very can really start to live? Renounce all that you have...take up your cross...die to yourself...and follow me. That’s what Jesus said. But that’s not "smart"! Well, God uses the weak things to confound the strong, the foolish things to confound the wise. Maybe living in your ‘sweet spot’ is not all there is to life. Maybe there’s a different path to walk. Maybe you can jump into water deeper than your skills...maybe you can face challenges bigger than your strength. Maybe you can go farther than you can...maybe you can do things that you can’t. Maybe you can be part of something so much bigger than yourself. Maybe all it takes is faith in no bigger than a mustard seed.

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